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Marketing Professional

Brand Manager - Content Creator - Copywriter - Copy Editor - Designer

Highly skilled and detail-oriented marketing professional focusing on brand and content management. Content creator and artist for websites, newsletters, social media, novels, and more. History of success with branding, promotions, copywriting, copy editing, blog management, publishing, design, and e-commerce. Holds multiple certifications (listed on linkedin).


Clients and Companies include: AutoBidMaster, Tabletop Beard, 90sAnime, Castle Broskull, Greater Minds Development, Glencairn Museum, Jonathan Maberry, Marvel Comics, and more.


Marketing Work Samples (recent)
Tabletop Beard

Tabletop Beard - Your Epic Beard Quest Begins Here!

Kevin James Breaux is the Resident Bard at Tabletop Beard. He provides Content Creation, Copy Writing, Copy Editing, and Branding. He has written most of the blog articles, and many of the product descriptions. He has also edited the entire site. 


Beard Care Essential Starting Equipment: Part 1 (

The Game Master – The Puppeteer Pulling Your Strings (

From the Alchemist’s Workshop – Rosehip Oil (

The Bearded Fathers of Fantasy and the Gifts they Deserve (

How to Use Beard Oil – A Map to a Healthy Beard (


AutoBidMaster Blog - Find YOUR Answers on OUR blog

Kevin James Breaux was content manager and copy editor for AutoBidMaster. He managed all editorial aspects of the four successful blogs and also provided additional copywriting and editing for the main site, including the help center. Kevin created promotions for social media and wrote the company's holiday newsletters. He also managed influencer marketing campaigns.  


A History of One Subaru - AutoBidMaster

He Started a Successful Car Import Business in El Salvador - AutoBidMaster

Inside El Salvador’s First National Conference - AutoBidMaster

Vehicles That Are Featured on Scary TV Shows and Movies - AutoBidMaster (concept and editing)

AutoBidMaster Automotive News: August 2023 Digest - AutoBidMaster (concept and editing)

Castle Broskull


Kevin James Breaux has branded this successful small business from the ground up. He provides content creation, design, copy writing, e-commerce, and much more.

Examples of this work can be found on social media.

Click the link above.

Colleen Diemer/Stitchthebluesharpei and Greater Minds Development

Kevin James Breaux provides mentorship, content creation, marketing, creative direction, copy editing, and much more for children's author Colleen Diemer and her company Greater Minds Development. He guided and supported Colleen through the entire publishing process of her three newest publications and continues to work to promote and advertise them when needed. 

Small Collection of Praise

"Kevin is one of the easiest people I've ever worked with, and he has done wonders to help our brand find its voice." -Jason Tabletop Beard

“I've had a great opportunity to work closely with Kevin Breaux for 1.5 years. I was under his supervision in the role of a copywriter. And it was a pure pleasure to meet this person on my professional path. Kevin has shown me what a team-oriented and dedicated specialist should be.”- Vitalii Movchan - AutoBidMaster - Copywriter

"I've been working with Kevin for quite some time and bringing him onboard was one of the best decisions I've made, because my posting velocity and blog content have drastically improved with his help!"- Rowegn -

"Kevin's consistently clear design and clever concepts make his work both appealing and striking. He's personable and energetic, and always delivers on or ahead of schedule." - Al Sirois

"I had a pleasure to work with Kevin on different projects and campaigns at AutoBidMaster. I highly recommend Kevin as an outstanding professional who has made valuable contributions at AutoBidmaster. I had the privilege of witnessing Kevin's dedication, professionalism, and exemplary teamwork.
Kevin consistently demonstrated exceptional professional abilities throughout his time with us. He approached his work with precision, attention to detail, and a commitment to delivering high-quality results.
One of Kevin's remarkable qualities is his reliability. He could always be counted on to meet deadlines and deliver on his commitments. He is a reliable team player and a trustworthy colleague, ensuring that important projects and tasks that were completed on time and to the best of his abilities.
In addition to his work ethic, Kevin's collaborative spirit significantly enhanced our team's dynamics. He actively engaged in team discussions, offered insightful input. His positive attitude and willingness to collaborate with colleagues made him a key part of our work environment."
- Iryna Sliusar - AutoBidMaster Marketing Manager


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