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Kevin James Breaux has written nine books and devoted over fifteen years of his life to crafting short stories and novels. He has held active memberships in many writing associations including the HWA and is a member of the SFWA, ITW and Paranormal Romance Guild.

Breaux is always enthusiastic about the challenge writing presents. He lives by the motto, “Write Makes Might!”© and sees each new page as an opportunity to improve and advance.

Kevin is seeking a new literary agent. 

Read on to find samples of his work and more.

"I've never been a fan of dark fantasy, mostly because of the death and the horror. But Kevin Breaux's Soul Born Saga has changed that. The series has the perfect mix of fantasy, love, tragedy, betrayal, and magic--so much so that I have become addicted to reading them! The stories have amazing twists and turns you'd never expect, with a realistic ending that might make you cry."

--Arely of The Fantastical World of Wonders.


Young Adult (YA) novel released 2/22/22 by Suspense Publishing

When Young Davy Crockett returns home after a long absence, he finds that many of his town’s hunters have gone missing. Being a skilled hunter himself, Davy knows that the only time hunters disappear is when they are being hunted by something more skilled than them. Making it his responsibility to find out what is happening, Davy searches the local forest and what he finds is something he has never encountered before: dinosaurs. 

Winner of the Silver Award - Literary Titan Book Review April 2022.

Cover of Young Davy Crockett - The Wild Frontier with Dinosaurs


January 14, 2019 - Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance.

Sabrina London is back! The fate of the Elemental Kingdoms rests in the hands of its newest ruler: Sabrina London. When last seen, the fairy princess had made a deal with the King of Filth to save the lives of her friends. Now she is fighting to live the life she wants while trying to save the lives of millions. A monster, more dangerous than any other she has overcome threatens both the human and non-human world.

How will she restore the balance? Despite the risks, Sabrina enlists the aid of one of her people’s biggest rivals. She has spun a complex web of lies and deception, now trying to gain her freedom, unaware that everyone she allies with has their own plans. THREE BURNING RED RUNAWAY BRIDES is the action-packed third and final book in The Water Kingdom Series, following TWO POLLUTED BLACK-HEART ROMANCES and ONE SMOKING HOT FAIRY TAIL.

Three Burning Red Runaway Brides cover


Published Novels

Below is the complete selection of available books by Kevin James Breaux - Award-winning Author. Breaux writes in the following genres and subgenres: Fantasy, Horror, Epic Fantasy, Dark Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Thriller and Young Adult. 
Click the title to go to a page with a description of each book or click "order now" to order at Amazon.

One Smoking Hot Fairy Tail cover

April 06, 2016 - Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance.

Two Polluted Black-Heart Romances cover

June 7, 2017 - Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance.

Three Burning Red Runaway Brides cover

January 14, 2019 - Urban Fantasy - Paranormal Romance.

The Lifeblood of Ill-fated Women cover

January 01, 2017 - Dark Fantasy - Horror - Epic Fantasy.

Soul Born cover

November 14, 2018 - Epic Fantasy.

Currently Unavailable. 

Blood Divided cover

September 15, 2020 - Epic Fantasy. 

Currently Unavailable. 


Horror - Thriller Novelette by Kevin James Breaux.

Sarah should have left Montgomery County when she had the chance, but now it's too late. She is trapped on the rooftop of her family home which is almost completely submerged by dark flood waters. The air smells of a mixture of sewage and mold and it’s still raining. Alone with only her thoughts Sarah is mad she did not leave town years ago when she was right out of high school, before she became the one things she dreaded most; her mother.

Haunted by the reoccurrence of an eerie thumping sound, Sarah is startled when she discovers a large hairy animal, almost the size of a cow, brushing against the corner of her house. What is it? Where did it come from? What other horrors are hiding in the dark water?

Dark Water: Beaming Smile is horror/thriller novelette originally published by Hellfire Publications. Now published directly by Kevin James Breaux. It was awarded 3rd place in the Preditors and Editors poll of 2011. 

Dark Water: Beaming Smile cover


Sampling of Writing Awards


Retro toy customization and art company founded by Kevin James Breaux in 2017.
Making old and forgotten toys RAD again!

I have redesigned thousands of toys: MOTU, GI JOE, STAR WARS, MARVEL and much more. 
For example, hundreds of Castle Grayskulls and dozens of Snake Mountains have been sent to me and I have transformed them all from trash to treasure. I restyle, repaint, and redesign them with new themes and fun decorative items. Please visit one of my portfolio pages to see samples of my work. Thanks!



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