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September 15, 2020

There exists an ancient elven proverb, dating before the time of man. Life and death, like day and night, meet at a point where they blend into one.  It is that moment when anything is possible.

There was a time when four sparks of life burned brighter than the sun itself.  Megan was born with power, Lucien born with station. Autumn was born full of life, while Nathan was entwined with death.

Peace had come and gone. The conflicts of old returned—rejuvenated and driven.  This is the beginning of the end.  

The children will shape the fate of Illyia. Will they join forces, or with blood will they be divided?

It’s been a long time coming, but the wait is finally over.

BLOOD DIVIDED, the latest title from Kevin James Breaux - Award-winning Author and Artist is coming soon! 

Currently Unavailable. 

Awarded Second Place - PRG 2020 Reviewers Choice Awards. 

"What I like about the saga is the author's skill at creating
memorable characters and interesting descriptions. These are
worlds and scenarios you could only imagine, but Breaux brings
them to life in such visceral detail."

Tammy Ruggles - Reader's Favorite

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